Private Tuition

Satori Shotokan KaratePrivate classes are always available at Satori SKC. Many students have taken advantage of this opportunity prior to important competitions or gradings.

Others are simply unable to make regular class or feel that they would rather train in a one on one environment before progressing into a full class. However, some students prefer to continue this method of guidance and learning constantly throughout their Karate training.

Private tuition is normally conducted at the Nirvana Fitness Gym dojo but can be arranged at your home or any alternative venue. With private tuition the instruction fees are considerably higher than that of a regular class. Private tuition is charged at approximately £30 per hour. However, the length of each class, frequency of the sessions and venue are all taken into consideration when negotiating fees.

Due to the individual approach the classes are fully tailored and customised to fit to the needs of the student. The advanced student can make it clear what the subject matter of their class will be and along with the instructor they work towards their goals.

Traditional Shotokan : The student can choose to improve an identified individual area of their karate or simply train the three K's in a one on one environment. Suitable from first-time beginners right up to the most senior students and instructors.

Ladies Self-protection : Based on the above self-defence sessions but modified for ladies. Includes advice on threat awareness and avoidance tactics. Ladies are welcome to attend in pairs or even small groups.

If you would like to find out more about private tuition, specialist defined group tuition or booking for general Karate courses, please contact to arrange a consultation.