Instructor Profiles

Satori Shotokan KarateChief Instructor- Sensei Chris Broadley
Chris Broadley (5th Dan) an experienced teacher and active martial artist with over 30 years experience, has help to promote Karate in East Anglia and in the UK. Sensei Broadley has trained with the top figures in shotokan including Sensei Masoe Kawassoe and the recently deceased Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda (1935 - 2003). Sensei Broadley has also trained with a variety of other experienced martial artists in different styles.

Satori Shotokan KarateSensei Matthew Beardon
Matthew Beardon (3rd Dan) been practicing martial arts for over 25 years. He began his training in judo and won many competitions and was East Anglian open Judo Champion. He later studied thai boxing and ninjitsu, excelling in both arts. During this time he started his shotokan karate studies, which he has been studying for 16 years. Matthew a student of Sensei Broadley, has also trained with a variety of top Instructors such as Sensei Masoe Kawassoe and Sensei Paul Barron. A philosopher and keen academic writer, Matthew has studied the genealogy of martial arts and produced many writings on the subject. Matthew runs many shotokan clubs in Suffolk and regularly tours the country to attend seminars and training camps. As well as a powerful and technically proficient martial artist, Matthew's knowledge base is second to none. Sensei Matthew Beardon continues to guide other shotokan stylists and frequently visits the Bournemouth & Poole Satori Shotokan Classes.